We’re thrilled to announce the Table of Contents for our much-anticipated anthology Phobophobia, edited by Dean Drinkel. Cover art is by James Powell.  Phobophobia is due for release at the end of this month, with pre-order facilities available shortly from the Dark Continents website.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself…

Adrian Chamberlin
A is for Aquaphobia – Aqua Mortis

Paul Kane
B is for Bibliophobia – Words To The Wise

Sean Sweeney
C is for Coulrophobia – The Clown Cemetery

Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
D is for Dementophobia

Kate Jonez
E is for Electrophobia – Elmo’s Light

Dave Jeffery
F is for Frigophobia

S.L. Schmitz
G is for Gatophobia

Tracie McBride 
H is for Hagiophobia  – Symbols of Damnation

Ian Woodhead
I is for Ichthyophobia

William Meikle
J is for Jesusphobia  – Paved With Good Intentions

Rakie Keig
K is for Kenophobia

Richard Salter
L is for Lygophobia

Marie O’Regan
M is for Metathesiophobia – Plus Ça Change

Christopher L. Beck
N is for Nosocomephobia

John Palisano
O is for Osmophobia

G.R. Yeates
P is for Pteronophobia

Simon Kurt Unsworth
Q is for Qiqirn

John Irvine
R is for Ranidaphobia

D.M. Youngquist
S is for Sarmassophobia

John Prescott
T is for Teratophobia

Barbie Wilde
U is for Uranophobia

Serenity J. Banks
V is for Venustraphobia

Jonathan Green
W is for Wiccaphobia  – Fear to Tread

Wayne Goodchild
X is for Xanthophobia – Xanthos

Magen Toole
Y is for Ymophobia

Dean M. Drinkel
Z is for Zeusophobia

Bonus Story
Steven Savile & Steve Lockley
Fear of Snow

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