What Are We Really All About?

Tracie here, checking in after a few weeks of frenetic activity amongst our founding members.   We have finally resumed our regular weekly meetings.  A “meeting” for six people spread across three continents and three different time zones consists of a combination of voice and text chat on the Internet using Ventrilo at a mutually agreeable time (somebody usually ends up getting up at dawn – it was my turn this week).

Our meetings are always entertaining, productive, and unstructured; we don’t have an official agenda, but somehow we manage to cover everything that needs to be addressed.  Always in the back of my mind when we are making decisions on the direction of our company is the Big Question – What Are We Really All About?

We are about encouraging new and developing creative talent, and this extends to our cover artists as well as our stable of writers.  This means that, if you create a cover for us, you will get more than a tiny mention inside the front cover.  You’ll get a full artist’s bio as well as contact information printed so prospective clients can get hold of you.  It also means that, sometime down the track, David and I will implement a pet project of ours whereby we will mentor promising young child authors and produce a collection of stories by children, for children.

We are about supporting our local and wider communities and fostering a love for reading.  This means that we will offer free postage to any public library ordering our products, and will donate copies of our works to our local libraries.

Yes, we are also about making money.  But that is not our only consideration, nor is it our most important one.  I believe that in any entrepreneurial enterprise, providing a worthwhile service should come first, and making money should be a happy side effect.  Although it is a worthy goal in itself, our concept of service goes beyond merely providing customers with a few hours of entertainment.

If service equals wealth, then the members of Dark Continents are going to be very rich indeed.

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2 Responses to What Are We Really All About?

  1. bonlee says:

    Hello, I just learned about your publishing company from author Sylvia Shults. I have just finished editing a Tucson author’s young adult paranormal fiction book and I’m helping her find the right publisher. Do you accept submissions for consideration?

    Also, I’m a seasoned book editor (Chicago Manual Style), always looking for new manuscripts to tackle. Please let me know if you are interested in my telecommuting editing services.

    I likewise write book reviews, http://thevirtualscribe.net The only cost is a copy of the book sent to me for review. I always pass these books along to charities, etc.


    • Thanks for your interest in Dark Continents Publishing. We’re currently concentrating on getting our first releases ready to launch at the World Horror Convention in April 201. After that we will be open to submissions, and we would love to take a look at your client’s manuscript then.

      We’re also managing our current workload with the editors we have on board at the moment. However, if things change (as they often do), we will certainly keep you in mind.

      Thanks also for your offer of reviewing our books. I’m glad to have discovered “The Virtual Scribe”. I see you also conduct author interviews, which is a great idea. You’ll be on our list for consideration when the time comes to send out review copies.

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